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Hannah Fink, Student Writer

My name is Hannah Fink, and I am a sophomore at GNA. I've been going to GNA my whole life. I was in the Student Council last year and I currently work at an ice cream shop. I have five slightly different cameras that I use to do amateur photography. I am currently re-designing the interior of a clubhouse with my best friend. My 10-year-old little brother is a championship kart racer and I like to think I helped him become the successful kid he is. I also trained my cat to do front flips out of my arms.         

In my free time, I like to read, bake, and hang out with friends. My current book series genre is Greek Mythology and I’m honing my skills as a cake decorator. I like to consider myself a Taylor Swift connoisseur and am currently saving up for tickets to her next tour. I’m a Marvel fan and my favorite Marvel movie is “Captain Marvel.” My guilty pleasure is eating peanut butter smidgens and chocolate wave cake.   

At this time, my path for the future is uncertain. While I intend to go to college, I have yet to decide on the field that interests me the most. I hope to enter a program that I'm passionate about. I hope that my choice will be fulfilling and lucrative. It would be nice to own a beach house one day.   

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Hannah Fink