Bejeweled music video easter eggs

“Easter Eggs” are known to be hints throughout a video or picture in order to reference things in the past, present, or future.

“Enchanted” and “Long Live”

At the beginning of the music video, the song Enchanted” from Taylor’s Speak Now album is playing. Also, at the end of the music video “Long Live” (also from Speak Now) is playing.

 The “Red Ring”

In the Bejeweled music video, the step-mommy shows all of her rings to show us how many men have proposed to her and she happens to be wearing the Red (Taylor’s Version) ring from Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) album cover.  

Reputation Reference – One of Taylor Swift’s step sisters calls her a snake before they all leave the scene. Saying, “Bye bye snake!” which alludes to Taylor Swift’s Reputation album. 


In the music video, Taylor Swift’s character has been exiled. “Exile” is a song from her album Folklore. She also ends up receiving a pocket watch that says “exile ends” on the inside. 

 The Elevator 

When Taylor Swift leaves the room to attend the ball, she enters an elevator. In the elevator, the floor-level buttons are all different colors that correlate with her albums. In the elevator when it shows the arrow that tells us what floor she’s on, we can see the same colors from the elevator buttons repeating.   

Wildest Dreams Music Video Callback 

When exiting the elevator for the second time she looks remarkably similar to her “red carpet” look in the “Wildest Dreams” music video. 

Fearless (Taylors Version) Vault Key

While it is not the exact key it is very similar to the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) vault key necklace from her merch store. 

“SN” Hairclips 

In Taylor Swift’s hair, she has two hair clips that have the letters “S” and “N” in her hair. While it could just be referring to “Sweet Nothing” from Midnights, it could also relate to a rerecording of Speak Now. 

She Ghosted

It may not mean anything but if we’re reaching… it could be referring to when she ‘ghosted’ the world for a year before her Reputation album came out.

The Castle with Dragons

The dragons and the castle could be referring to a line in her song “Long Live.” She sings the line “I had the time of my life-fighting dragons with you.” 

Long Pond Studios

If you look into the mountains you can see a building that looks similar to Long Pond Studios. This could be an easter egg because during the Folklore era Taylor Swift released the “Folklore Long Pond Studios Session” on Disney Plus.