The Candy Shoppe


Mr. Stetz – Candy Shoppe T-Shirt

GNA CAMPUS –  As anyone who walked the halls of GNA High School these past few years would know, the Candy Shoppe is a staple landmark. The Candy Shoppe has not only kept students awake during the day with sugary delight, but it has also funded countless activities throughout campus. 

The GNA Insider had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Stetz and ask him some questions about the history of the Candy Shoppe.


Where did the idea for the Candy Shop come from? Can you give us a brief history?

Linda Helmecki is the founder of the Candy Shoppe. I was coaching softball at the time and she mentioned how hungry students were all day. I put it off for a year or two and then finally asked the school board permission and they were supportive. Originally, it was a fundraiser for the softball team.


What do you end up doing with the money you make? 

We used the proceeds to fund the softball booster club, but since 2018, it has been used to offset the cost of trips to Washington DC, and Philadelphia, PA. Currently, the Candy Shoppe is focused on providing assistance to the GNA School Community. Some projects that quickly come to mind include the GNA Athletic Committee, the Restoration of a Historic Clock at the Nanticoke Historical Society, the Photo Booth at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Life Skills dance, the Remodeling of the Courtyard, The GNA Christmas Fund, and donation of 20 prom tickets. We just try to help whenever possible and not complicate the process.


What would you say is the most popular selling item? 

All of it … If it is in 209 student demand meets supply. We have tried different items and if they are not successful we do not supply it. We know the eating habits of students and adults alike, for instance one teacher loves their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and another physically fit senior enjoys their 440-calorie Cherry Cheese Bear Claw Danish. We also had a beefy jerky club for a period of time, pay $5.00 a month and get unlimited beef jerky. 


What is your personal favorite snack to have from your Candy Shop? 

Takis for a while, now would say Original Cheez-IT…it has been said your appetite changes every seven years…there is always something to find at the Candy Shoppe.


If you could, would you make the Candy Shop global?

Great Question, not really, it has so much potential but really we want to stay humble and thirsty.


Are there days when the Candy Shop gets really busy? If so, what days?

It is steady every day… it gets really busy at certain times of the day…mainly all day…lol. It doesn’t distract from the school day, it adds to the experience.  


What’s your favorite thing about running the Candy Shop?  

To see the joy and smiles on the student’s faces when they bite into a delicious snack…in all seriousness, there is something uniquely beautiful about the high school classroom experience, and being able to participate in this project has been such a rewarding experience for all involved. It can be a challenge and a burden but we take it one day at a time and make the best of it.


Are there any plans for the Candy Shop in the future? 

Really just to keep it in the streets, low-key, and have fun while helping out our school community.