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Xavier L. Skillens, Student Writer

My name is Xavier Skillens, and I’m a sophomore here at GNA. I’ve been in this district since I was in preschool, all the way back in KM Smith, a building which always made me feel uneasy, to be completely honest. I’m part of the marching, jazz, and concert bands. I’m also part of the Cross Country team, and I aim to join up in things like Baseball, Boy Scouts, and various other organizations that’ll give me something fun and challenging to do.

Apart from the more “professional” hobbies I have or do, I like to hike, ride bikes, exercise, play games with my friends, (whether it be video games or beating each with sticks pretending to have sword fights) garden, cook, and on occasion, shoot. All of these things I enjoy a lot, and I’m always improving, at least I hope I am. I’ve nearly poisoned myself by making food, and I don’t intend to repeat that. I haven’t traveled outside the U.S. yet, but I have been to places like Virginia, Ohio, and New Jersey. All of these places I enjoyed being in, and I wish to see them again.

After I get out of high school, I intend to attend the U.S. Naval Academy in Minneapolis. It’s been my dream since I was 6 to serve in the U.S. Navy- I always loved the ocean, I love boats, and I love my country, so I felt it only natural to walk this road. Coupled with the fact I’ve always been a bit martial with everything I do, and the fact my mother described me as a “water rat,” I think I was made for naval life. If all goes to plan, and I get out of the Navy after I’m through with my service, I intend to go to school to either become a Marine Biologist, or a History teacher, a decision which I’m torn on.

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Xavier L. Skillens