Monkey business in PA

Of all the things to make national headlines in the US, I hadn’t expected a truck carrying monkeys crashing en route to an unnamed laboratory in Pennsylvania to make the news. The monkeys apparently were housed in boxes when the crash occurred.

The truck that crashed was carrying 100 of these macaque monkeys, where it was involved in a motor accident in Montour County’s Valley Township, on Route 54 near I-80. All people involved, thankfully, were relatively unharmed, only having minor injuries reported. As of now, all 100 monkeys have been accounted for, though three managed to escape and were euthanized by the CDC. This of course leads to a few big questions:

  • Why were the monkeys euthanized? Most likely due to the diseases they’re capable of transmitting.
  • What’s this “undisclosed” lab they were being sent to, and why were they going there? I would have to take a guess and say it involves Covid and such, which worries me slightly due to the secrecy seeming to surround the whole situation.
  • What’s with the secrecy? I understand keeping secrets is important sometimes, but it frankly worries me when monkeys are getting euthanized. The crash zone is being quarantined, and that is basically all the information that has been released.

The crash in Montour County is certainly an unnerving situation and deserves attention as well as a full investigation.