Favorite Christmas traditions


Xavier L. Skillens

Even Will Smith is in the holiday spirt at GNA.

GNA CAMPUS – As November moves into December, the holidays are officially here. This of course means that it’s time to decorate, and anything relating to Thanksgiving and is coming down.

Those who enjoy the holidays mostly do because of the countless traditions that come along with this time of year. GNA students and staff have many holiday traditions, so I went around to find out what they were:

“Getting a tree, trimming it, and decorating the thing, alongside wearing matching Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve.”

-Mrs. Muench

“Christmas dinner.”

-Mr. Zubritski

“The ‘Hell box’ ” (Which from my understanding is the best present of the bunch wrapped up in about 20 layers of wrapping paper.)

-Keith Fisher

“Polish Christmas Wafers.”

-Gabe Josefowicz

“Getting presents and giving them.”

-Mr. Carey

“Buying presents for others.”

-Mr. Fedorko

“Getting presents.”

-J. Johnson

“Baking Christmas cookies and attending Christmas mass.”

-Mr. Bunnell

“Collecting ornaments from places while on vacation and decorating various trees with them. I have 1500 ornaments on 5 different trees.”

-Ms. Pray