Mask mandates ending?

As the pandemic moves into its 2nd year, enthusiasm for social distancing and wearing a mask have been waning. There’s only so much people can take of the same thing, doing it over and over for an extended period of time, before people stop caring and start doing something else. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed.

Recently, with the advent of the vaccine(s) and their related boosters, there’s been an idea floating around of dropping the mask mandates altogether. As a result, I went around the school and asked some people a simple question: “What do you think about dropping mask mandates?”

Alycia Knorr- “We should have them and we have proof of what could/would happen when we don’t have them.”

Gabe Neipert- “No bueno.”

Maura Jenceleski- “We shouldn’t drop the mask mandates.”

Sunny Popovich- “We should drop them.”

Anonymous- “Don’t want ’em, they’re ineffective.”

Jazmine Trathen- “No.”

Alissa Grabinski- “They’re crusty, don’t want them anymore.”

Mrs. Pray- “Don’t think it’s a good idea; would rather stay safe and keep my mask on.”

Mr. Carey- “Whatever keeps our students safe and in school.”

Jaiden Johnson- “Yes.”

Ryan Wiaterowski- “Don’t want them here.”

Cameron Svetz- “Not a good idea because we’ll still get sick.”

Keith Fisher- “Let people do what they wanna do.”

David Howell- “People will get sick really quickly without masks.”

Ava Kravitz- “If we get rid of them, people will get sick.”