2017-2018 Trojan wrestling

Mark Walters and Derek Kurkoski

Head coach- Harold Shotwell

Key members lost- Megan Kocher.

Key members returning- Chris Maute, Isiah Johnson, Adam Eckhart, Austin Cheslaw, Colin Kashatus, and Shane Repasky.

Captains- The captains are Chris Maute, Isaiah Johnson, and Colin Kashatus.

Outlook-  As the winter sports seasons kicks off, the Greater Nanticoke Area wrestling team looks to build their success around the captains and the key returning members. They have shown much improvement over the off-season.

Losing a key member from last year in the name of Megan Kocher,  senior Chris Maute, juniors Shane Repasky, Austin Cheslaw, and George Brown, and sophomores Adam Eckhart, Isaiah Johnson, and Colin Kashatus, all look to put Trojan wrestling back on the map. 

The GNA Insider sat down with sophomore Isaiah Johnson to ask him a few questions about this season:


What is the outlook for the 2017-2018 season? 

“Hopefully we can avoid injuries and show up ready to go. If we can all stay healthy and play our roles, it should be a fairly successful season.”  

If you have to use 3 adjectives to describe your practices, what would they be and why?

“Practices are difficult for everyone, depending on how much you challenge/ push yourself and the others around you.”

Who do you think your toughest competition will be this year, and why?

“ Hands down North Western Leigh because they have big numbers and a couple of state ranked wrestlers.”

Who are the leaders of the team and how have they earned this role?

“Adam and myself. We just help others when possible and try to make the most of everyday by working hard.”

What are your expectations of the team this year?

“My expectations of the team this year is to have more wins as a team and place higher in tournament point totals.”