GNA introduces girl’s wrestling program


Pennsylvania Women's Wrestling

Greater Nanticoke Area introduces first girl’s wrestling team.

GNA CAMPUS — The Greater Nanticoke Area High School has recently announced the formation of a girls wrestling team. One student, Kaitlyn Pegerella, is to thank for taking the initiative and pushing for the new wrestling team. 

The GNA Girl’s wrestling team is the first one to be started in school history. When the announcement was first made, our school was number 26 in the state of Pennsylvania to start a girls wrestling program.

Kaitlyn Pegerella, who has been a part of the GNA wrestling team for years, gave us some insight into this latest change in the school. 

What inspired you to want to establish a girl’s wrestling team?

What inspired me to want a girl’s wrestling team is the fact that a girl has a greater advantage against another girl than if she were to go against a male. 

How did you feel when it was finally established?

I felt relief, but deep down I knew the hardest part was yet to come. 

How is it going so far? 

It’s a lot of stress. The majority of the work is on me and I don’t have much help, but even with this complication, the girl’s team has had an amazing outcome and great potential. 

Who is the coach?

For this year, the high school boy’s coach Harold Shotwell is in charge though in the next year I hope to have a female coach. 

How many members? 

As of now, we have a team of 5 girls, but it is still only the start of the program. 

Are there any matches or tournaments that the program will be involved in? 

Right now our schedule is being worked on so our female wrestlers can have mat time. 

What are your goals for the future of the program? 

My goal for the program is to have it completely separate from the boys. That way our girls have a higher chance for success. 


Kaitlyn is very hopeful for this year’s program to continue. If you’re interested in signing up for the girls wrestling program please see Mr. Bartuska in the athletic office. Whether it be this season or next season, they’d love to see participants. Good luck girls!!