Spotlight: Male athlete of the month

Sebastian Kryznewski

Emily Cullen, Student Writer

What is your favorite part of playing sports at GNA?

My favorite part about participating in sports at GNA is the way the programs are built around the community. I love the atmosphere when you’re on a team at GNA it’s not just a team it’s family.


Who has been the most influential to your success and why? 

The most influential person in my atheistic career would definitely have to be coach Harold Shotwell. He is constantly pushing me to be and he is always telling me that the only way you could reach greatness is determination.


Why do you think athletics are an important part of high school?

Athletics are an important part of high school because it isn’t just a sport, it’s memories that you make with your fellow classmates.


At what age did you start playing sports?

I started sports at age 9.


What sports do you play?

I participate in football, wrestling, and track.


What is your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is wrestling.


Do you plan on playing sports in college?

I plan on hopefully reviving a scholarship in wrestling and wrestling on the college level.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself still doing the sport I love and working non-stop till I achieve my goal.