Shane Repasky: District Champion

Jasmyne Morgans, Student Writer/ Photographer



Wrestling began as a form of combat. It was referenced in the Iliad and was depicted in 15,000-year-old cave drawings in France. Early Egyptian and Babylonian reliefs show moves still used today. It was developed by ancient Greeks as a way to train soldiers in hand-to-hand combat.

Modern wrestling standards and regulations were developed by the FILA, a French organization that recognizes two categories of wrestling disciplines: international and folk.

Shane Repasky began wrestling at a young age and has developed into one of GNA’s best. Shane recently won District 2 A; 285 Ib weight class. Below is an interview with the champion wrestler.

How old were you when you started wrestling? What inspired you to start?
I was six years old. My dad and my uncle Mike.

Do you plan on wrestling for a college? If so what one?

Yes, I am. I think for Wilkes University.

Did you like wrestling when you first started?

No, I actually started liking it and getting serious about it in the eighth grade.

How many medals have you won?

First- three, Second- two, Third- one, and Sixth- one.

Who is your role model?

A professional wrestler I look up to is Kyle Snyder.

How did it feel winning districts?

It felt great that I made a part of GNA history.