2018-2019 winter sports preview



The 2018-2019 season is here, and the girls and boys basketball, swimming and wrestling teams are ready to get back on the floor. The girls basketball team is led by Amiah Lukowski, Alyssa Lewis, Jilann Baron and Bella Czeck. In addition, the boys basketball team is led by Nate Kreitzer, Trajan Krupinski and Dylan Szychowski. Also, the swimming team is led by Christian Mavis. Lastly, the wrestling team is led by Shane Repasky, Trevor Grohowski, Dylan Kruczek and Austin Cheslaw, and all the teams are ready to lead the Trojans and Trojanettes once again.

There are high expectations this season due to all of their outstanding work last year. The girls basketball team went on to make a run for a district championship twice in two years, won the Riverside tournament, and went to the first round of states.

The boys basketball team made a great run all season by winning the WVC and making it to the first round of states.

The wrestling team made it to the quarter finals playoffs which they lost to Scranton Prep in their first dual.

Last but not least, the swimming team had an outstanding year. Chris Cabonillas helped the Trojans triple their win totals and place sixth at four events at districts.

The loss of last year’s seniors impacts each team going into the 2018-2019 season. However, keeping with tradition, the Trojans and Trojanettes will fight on represent their school with pride, dignity and class. 

This season during the summer and fall, the Trojans and Trojanettes have trained to be the best they can be. By “Playing hard, working hard, loving hard, training hard, sleeping hard, and dreaming big,” the winter 2018-2019 sports season is sure to be one to remember. 


The GNA Insider asked a few key players a few questions about the upcoming season.


Q: What are you looking forward to most this season and why?

A: “I am looking forward to seeing the jungle at all the games this year and just having another great season.”- Luke Myers (boys basketball)

I am looking forward to great wins, bus rides home and bonding with the team.”- Lauren Casey (girls basketball)

The new coaching staff. I’m excited to see the way they decide to run things.”- Jenna Baron  (girls basketball)

I am looking forward to winning and showing people that we have a great team.”- Shane Repasky (boys wrestling)

I am looking forward to getting into the water with my teammates. I’m also looking forward to all the swim meets.”- Taylor Bartle (girls swimming)

Q: Why is representing your school in athletics so important?

A: “I believe we have a good community that comes out to the games to support.”- Luke Myers (boys basketball)

“I believe basketball has been apart of our school for a long time.”- Lauren Casey  (girls basketball)

Nanticoke has a tradition in their athletics that represent the town and everyone in it. So I’m proud to be a part of it.”- Jenna Baron  (girls basketball)

I believe representing our school in athletics is so important because GNA is a great school.”- Shane Repasky (boys wrestling)

I believe it is crucial to represent our school because you should take pride in your school.”- Taylor Bartle (girls swimming)

Q: What is your favorite part of playing sports for the Nanticoke Trojanettes or Trojans?

A: “My favorite part of playing sports for Nanticoke is definitely the atmosphere that “The Jungle” brings at basketball games.”- Luke Myers (boys basketball)

We have a great community. Everyone gets together for a game to cheer on the Trojans and Trojanettes.”- Lauren Casey  (girls basketball)

The spirit of the fans that come out to support us. They make playing the game even more memorable and important.”- Jenna Baron  (girls basketball)

My favorite part of playing sports here is meeting new people. I also like what it feels like to earn something like a win because you get out of what you had put in.”- Shane Repasky (boys wrestling)

My favorite part of playing sports here is most definitely my teammates. Our swim team is combined with Hanover Ares’s swimmers so it always makes the season so much better.”- Taylor Bartle (girls swimming)

Q: What are your expectations for the team this season?

A: “I am expecting to win another conference championship and to build on our success from last year.”- Luke Myers (boys basketball)

My expectations are to hopefully win a conference championship, make it back to the arena and make it to the state playoffs.”- Lauren Casey  (girls basketball)

I’m hoping we have another winning season and maybe even make it back to the arena for a chance at another district title.”- Jenna Baron  (girls basketball)

I expect our team to dominate and turn heads.”- Shane Repasky (boys wrestling)

 I expect our team to put our best fin forward to try our best.”- Taylor Bartle (girls swimming)