Senior wrestlers shine


Senior wrestlers Isaiah Johnson Adam Eckhart.

Emily Cullen, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – Seniors Adam Eckhart and Isaiah Johnson had an outstanding senior year wrestling for the Trojans.

The GNA Insider asked the two wrestling-standouts a few questions.

How old were you when you started wrestling? What inspired you to start?

-Adam Eckhart: “I started wrestling in the 3rd grade when I was around 8 years old. I began wrestling because I was too aggressive when playing basketball. ”

-Isaiah Johnson: “I was 5 years old and I was initially inspired by WWE on Friday night.”


Do you plan on wrestling for college? If so what college?

-Adam Eckhart: “It was a tough decision to decide what sport to do in college, but I decided on playing soccer so I will not be wrestling.”

-Isaiah Johnson: “Yes I intend on wrestling for college, either Drexal or Delaware Valley University.”


Did you like wrestling when you first started?

-Adam Eckhart: “When I first started as a little kid I thought it was awesome, although I didn’t really know what I was doing.”

-Isaiah Johnson: “Yes, it was something that I initially enjoyed right off the bat.”


How many medals have you won?

-Adam Eckhart: “Over the years I’ve won many of medals and trophies, but the most memorable were the past 3 years placing in districts.

-Isaiah Johnson: “I won lots over the years but the performance means a lot more than the medals at the end of the day anyway.”


Who is your role model?

-Adam Eckhart: “Throughout the years, one of the guys I looked up to and enjoyed watching wrestling was Jason Nolf from Penn State.”

-Isaiah Johnson: “My role model was Ed Ruth, who used to wrestled for Penn State.”


What is your greatest accomplishment?

-Adam Eckhart: “My greatest accomplishment would be getting to wrestle in Bethlehem at the PIAA regional tournament. Though I didn’t come out on top, it was still a very exciting experience.”

-Isaiah Johnson: “Qualifying for regionals.”