Dylan Shires: GNA’s Best Smile (Male)


Dylan Shires: GNA’s Best Smile (Male).

GNA CAMPUS – The Class of 2023’s Senior Superlatives have officially been unveiled, and the winners for all categories have been recognized. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with the 2023 “Best Smile” winner, Dylan Shires.

N: ‘How does it feel to be your class’s Best Smile superlative?’

D: “It feels great! Personally, I believe a smile is the cornerstone of a person. A great, radiant smile can bring happiness to almost any situation.”

N: ‘What are some things that make you smile?’

D: “I smile at almost everything: good or bad. No matter how bad a situation may be at the current moment, you’ll look back and laugh at it. Mainly, I smile when I’m doing hobbies, socializing, and living life.

N: ‘People often say that you have a contagious smile… who, to you, has the most contagious smile in the class?’

D: “Honestly, Shaylee Heffron has such a contagious smile. For my whole time here at GNA, I have never seen her not smile. She is always so happy that so many of us just expect her to be in a mood like she won a million dollars.”

N: ‘How do you manage to stay so positive all the time and what would your advice be to someone trying to find positivity in their day?’

D: “I think my outlook on life helps me smile every day. I think of life as one big blank book. Every day you fill out another page: A smile helps you page to page. Whether that page has sunshine or rain, having a smile and a positive attitude helps with any event.”

N: ‘Did you expect to be in the running for this superlative or did this come as a shock?’

D: “I never really thought I would get this superlative. If you told me this 4 years ago I would think that you’re joking with me. I used to be ashamed by my smile, but with supportive people in my life I learned to love my smile. So this comes as a big shock and makes me smile a bit larger.”

Dylan intends to take his big smile to King’s College to further his education as a Physicians Assistant, and will continue to represent as the GNA Class of 2023 “Best Smile”.