Jordan Lamb: GNA’s Teachers Pet (Female)


Jordan Lamb: GNA’s Teachers Pet (Female)

Nicholas Neipert, Student Writer

The Class of 2023’s Senior Superlatives have officially been unveiled, and the winners for all categories have been recognized. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with the 2023 “Teacher’s Pet Female” winner, Jordan Lamb.


N: ‘How does it feel to be your class’s teacher’s pet?’

J: “It makes sense, honestly.”


N: Why do you think your peers voted for you, out of all of the ladies, to be our teacher’s pet?‘

J: “I stay after school practically every day, even without a reason to sometimes. I get along with most of the teachers in the building and work hard in my classes.”


N: ‘Do you view yourself as a teacher’s pet?’

J: “In a way, yes. I definitely work hard and I’m a people-pleaser anyway, so it just comes naturally.”


N: ‘Did you expect to win or was this sort of out of the blue? Did you want to win?’

J: “I wanted to win but I wasn’t really expecting it.”


N: ‘What is your favorite moment you have ever shared with a GNA Staff Member? Or list a few if you would like.’

J: “I will never forget all of the after-school conversations I’ve had with Mrs. Kelchner and Mrs. Jeffries while helping them with random things.”


N: ‘Give a couple shoutouts to some teachers who have impacted your life forever!’

J: “Even though she’s not in the building anymore, I really have to give a shout-out to Mrs. Kelchner. Additionally, I’d like to thank Mrs. Jeffries, Ms. Hyder, and Ms. Warman for everything!”


After graduation, Jordan plans to attend Rosemont to pursue a degree in Secondary Education.