Makenzee Golightly: GNA’s Prettiest Eyes (Female)


Makenzee Golightly: GNA’s Prettiest Eyes (Female).

The Class of 2023’s Senior Superlatives have officially been unveiled, and the winners for all categories have been recognized.

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with the 2023 “Best Eyes” winner, Makenzee Golightly.

N: ‘How does it feel to be your class’s Best Eyes superlative?’

M: “It feels good to be nominated for best eyes.”

N: ‘You’re kind of… born… with your eyes, but why are your eyes SO blue? Did you inherit your eyes from a specific parent?’

M: “I inherited my blue eyes from my dad and I kind of lucked out because my sister got my mom’s brown eyes (not to say that brown eyes aren’t beautiful).”

N: ‘There were many people in the running for this superlative… who, in your personal opinion, has the prettiest eyes?’

M: “In my personal opinion, Ethan Rinus has the prettiest eyes.”

N: ‘The criteria for the superlative is based on appearance, not function. You have worn glasses in the past. How BAD is your vision?’

M: “I wear both glasses and contacts and when I don’t, I cannot see a single thing so I’d say my vision is pretty bad.”

N: ‘Did you expect to be in the running for this superlative or did this come as a shock?’

M: “It was a shock to me because many people in our class have beautiful eyes.”

Makenzee intends to attend Misericordia University as a Nursing major.