The Class of 2023 Superlative Students


GNA CAMPUS – The time has finally come: Senior Superlatives.

You all voted for your favorite students. The votes are in. Now presenting, the official graduating class of 2023 senior superlatives:

*Students are limited to one superlative; if awarded several superlatives, runner up student(s) to be awarded excess superlatives — asterisk indicates multiple superlatives


Male: Lucas Stachowiak

Female: Jamee Mazonis


Male: Ethan Rinus

Female: Makenzee Golightly*

Nicest Smile

Male: Dylan Shires

Female: Shaylee Heffron

Best Dressed

Male: Nicholas Neipert***

Female: Samera Buchanan*

Most Spirited

Male: Jay Shemanski

Female: Ali O’Connor*

Most Athletic

Male: Caleb Butczynski*

Female: Sophia Lukowski

Most Talkative

Male: Jadon Guszak

Female: Emersyn Petrini

Most Artistic

Male: Francesco Danza*

Female: Kelly Grevera*

Class Flirt

Male: Ayden Kolet

Female: Aryonna Shovlin

Worst Case of Senioritis

Male: John Pashinski

Female: Savannah Atkins

Class Comedian

Male: Ryan Coleman**
Female: Hannah Guydosh

Late for Graduation

Male: Hafiz Boyton

Female: Jenaley Bueno

Internet Influencer

Male: Brandon Baird

Female: Grace Reed

Teachers Pet

Male: Atticus Warren-Minnick

Female: Jordan Lamb

Best Friends

Male: Justin Spencer & Caleb Butczynski*

Female: Ali O’Connor* & Makenzee Golightly*

Class Couple

Samera Buchanan* & Francesco Danza*


Congratulations to all of the students that were awarded a Senior Superlative, and enjoy immortality in the Greater Nanticoke Area High School yearbook!