Atticus Warren-Minnick: GNA’s Teacher’s Pet (Male)


GNA’s Teacher’s Pet (Male)

Nicholas Neipert, Student Writer

The Class of 2023’s Senior Superlatives have officially been unveiled, and the winners for all categories have been recognized. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with the 2023 “Teacher’s Pet Male” winner, Atticus Warren-Minnick.


N: ‘How does it feel to be your class’s teacher’s pet?’

A: “This is the greatest honor of my entire life. This is my peak. I will never be anything more than this.”


N: Why do you think your peers voted for you, out of all males, to be our teacher’s pet?‘

A: “This country is built upon the foundation that all peoples’ votes matter. 🦅🇺🇸”


N: ‘Do you view yourself as a teacher’s pet?’

A: “I view myself as a disappointment…”

This answer was followed by a 48-minute intermission due to an outburst of screaming and sobbing from Warren-Minnick.


N:Did you expect to win or was this sort of out of the blue? Did you want to win?’

A: “I wasn’t anticipating winning, but I guess it makes sense. I neither wanted to nor didn’t want to win.”


N: What is your favorite moment you have ever shared with a GNA Staff Member?’

A: “One time I complimented Mr. Budnick’s watch (it was a nice watch; not teacher’s-petting), and instead of saying something like, “Thanks,” he darted his head up (as if there was a fire) and said, “Walmart! $8.88.” I’ve probably thought about this moment at least one time every week since it occurred.”


N: ‘Give a couple shoutouts to some teachers that have impacted your life forever!’

A: “Shoutout to: Mr. Litch, Ms. Hyder, Old P., Mrs. Walton, Mr. Fleury, and Mrs. Harbaugh.”


After graduation, Atticus intends to enroll at Penn State University to study screenwriting.