Hannah Guydosh: GNA’s Funny Lady


Senior Superlative: Class Comedian (Female)

Nicholas Neipert, Student Writer

The Class of 2023’s Senior Superlatives have officially been unveiled, and the winners for all categories have been recognized. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with the 2023 “Class Comedian Female” winner, Hannah Guydosh.

Hannah is just your everyday traditional student: she wakes up at 6 in the morning, gets to school at 7, and leaves at 2, alongside everyone else. The difference is that Hannah makes people laugh regularly.

The art of “funny” is (in my opinion) severely undervalued, as just a little laugh could change the trajectory of one’s day. The best part of it all? Hannah doesn’t even think she’s funny.

N: ‘How does it feel to be your class’s comedian?’

H: ‘It doesn’t feel any different. It didn’t really change anything.’

N: ‘What makes you so funny and why do you choose to be funny?’

H: ‘I really don’t think I’m that funny, BUT it is nice making people laugh sometimes.’

N: ‘Did you expect to win this superlative or did it come as more of a shock?’

H: ‘I absolutely did not think I would win this superlative. I personally voted for Ariana Nieves’

N: ‘Am I funny?’

H: ‘Sure…’

N: ‘Out of everything in the entire world, what makes you laugh the most!’

H: ‘Pictures of sea animals getting caught off guard.’

Though Hannah herself may not find herself very funny, she brings light to the days of many. Hannah will most definitely continue to be a comedian after high school, and she will continue to represent the GNA Class of 2023 as our Class Comedian Female.