Due thanks to Mrs. Jeffries

A letter to GNA’s very own English aficionado.
Due thanks to Mrs. Jeffries

Dear Mrs.Jeffries, 

I entered my first year of high school English during an extremely difficult time in not only my personal life but also the world in general, as COVID was maintaining its lingering effects on public schools. Regardless of special circumstances, arduous technological issues, and a path of learning for both you as a teacher and your students, you were consistently understanding and patient. Lines of Romeo and Juliet laced with humorous exercises of play rehearsing and a collected enumeratio of the coined “word of the days” connected together piece by piece to reveal an ethereal image of blossoming youth with respect to their career in English Literature. You most ardently lay the foundation to be built upon each successive year, instilling values and references into the minds of every person who has the pleasure of calling you their teacher, often regardless of whether they even realize it or not. 

Now, I greet you every morning; 4th period, in our AP classroom, welcoming each new day of encouraged opportunity. After two years together, if I have learned anything, it is that you are serious and passionate about the education of your students. Whether it be extended practice or the broadening of horizons, you ensure that you have done your best to advance the young people who entertain your classroom each year.  Speaking from experience, I was unsure as to how your AP class would compare to freshman year and was happily met with the overwhelming preparation you had planned for us prior to our entrance to life after high school. I have not just learned how to properly format the thesis in any given essay or the ways in which authors hide meaning deep within their written word, you have ingrained within me an unremovable work ethic and pride in the evolution of my own work that I will forever cherish and be grateful for. 

Although it may be a sharp adjustment for some in their initial year here at GNA High School, the hindsight of your teaching leaves a beaming impact on the readiness of each of your students for their professional, adult lives. Even now, I am sure that I will only truly be able to appreciate your efforts more and more in the future as I grow and reflect on all that you have taught me. A senior class advisor, Freshman English teacher, and AP Literature aficionado, you have helped to shape the development of those around you. Not to mention, I simply can not help but go over this letter, scanning for unintentional literary device usage while simultaneously fearing that, if you ever read this, you’ll be noting each and every grammatical error that I make as a subconscious habit of teaching English. No matter where I go in life, I am confident that the many aspects of myself that I can attribute to your teachings will follow me gladly indefinitely.

Your Student (2024)

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