Artist of the Week: Maya Davison

GNA CAMPUS – Maya Davison, a senior at Greater Nanticoke Area High School, had the honor of being named WVIA’s Artist of the Week. This is a local public television program that highlights the many talents of students across the area. According to WVIA, The Artist of the Week spot showcases the student, high school, and school district and salutes them for their artistic achievement on WVIA TV for one week and for one year.

A popular example of traditional art would be Grant Wood’s, “American Gothic.”

Maya was noticed and chosen for her traditional and digital art. Traditional art is the type that reflects the current culture by utilizing classical techniques in drawing, painting, and sculpting. One of the more worldly known pieces of traditional art includes Grant Wood’s piece American Gothic. When critics first viewed this piece they took it to be a commentary on the repression and austerity of rural life in America. 

Maya’s favorite Disney Pixar movie, “Wall-E” is a prime example of digital art. (

On the other hand, digital art uses digital technology as part of the creative process. Digital art is most commonly used side by side with traditional sketches in animations. Consider a fan-favorite Disney Pixar movie. The characters were most likely created with a digital platform. One of Maya’s favorite Disney Pixar movies that uses this art form is Wall-E.

The GNA Insider sat down with Maya and ask her some questions regarding her senior year spotlight with WVIA. 


How long have you been involved in the arts? 

I like to say that I have been seriously practicing and learning art for around seven years. The art teachers at GNA are brilliant and have helped me excel more than I thought I ever would have at a high school level. 

Do you plan to continue with the arts as a career? 

I plan to minor in art during college, then get an art therapist’s degree. I’ve sold art on the side all through high school, so I would imagine I would continue to do that as well.  

What is your favorite medium to work with? 

Even though I don’t use them as often as I would like to, oil paints. I love how easily the colors blend together, and the amount of layers and detail you can create with them. It’s like digital art in that sense. 

What was your reaction to being spotlighted on WVIA’s Artist of the Week? 

I was honestly very shocked. I’m sure I have the reputation as the “artistic kid,” but I didn’t know it was so recognized. I’m very honored that I was picked when there are so many other talented artists within the walls of GNA. 

Do you have any advice you could share with aspiring artists?

One thing I can definitely say, perfection is not the goal when creating art. There is no format or cookie-cutter way to do things, simply do it because you have a passion for it. If it’s art to you, it’s art to someone else out there, and that’s what matters. 


Thank you to Maya Davison for allowing The GNA Insider to interview her and get her perspective on the art world. Check out Maya’s official WVIA interview as well. The link will be provided below: