GNA’s got talent: Ryan Ortiz

Meet Ryan Ortiz, a sophomore who lives and breathes the arts


Maura Jenceleski

Sophomore, Ryan Ortiz, with his favorite drum sticks.

GNA CAMPUS — Here at GNA, students are surrounded by a sea of talent. With various examples ranging from athletic ability to artistic performance. Ryan Ortiz, a sophomore at GNA High School, is focused on so much more than just his academics. He fills his life with music and performance, two things that create who he is as a student and person. 

The GNA Insider had the honor to sit down with the ever-busy Ryan Ortiz to get his answers to some inquisitive questions.


Ryan Ortiz – Sophomore


How many arts-based activities are you involved in? 

Eight as of right now. Usually it’s more, but it really depends on the time of year. 


When did you first get involved with the arts? 

I was seven or eight-ish years old. I first started with the chorus, then, I began to learn percussion at age nine. 


Out of all the projects you’ve participated in, which is your favorite? Why? 

It’s hard to choose, but it has to be my drama group. I enjoy this the most because of the abstract instruments we are allowed to use. 


How has the preparation for the show been? 

Good! I’ve been trying to memorize my lines. Having a bit of a hard time with that. The songs are very nice, I think that’s everyone’s favorite part. 


If you could give one piece of advice to any student interested in the arts, what would it be? 

If you become frustrated with yourself for failing, don’t be. Practice makes perfect, and you can’t practice without failing many times. Failing is an important part of succeeding. 


A big thank you to Ryan Ortiz for sitting down with The GNA Insider. Good luck with all of his future endeavors within the arts!