WVIA Artist of the week: Kendal Grimm

Congratulations to Kendal Grimm on being selected WVIA Artist of the week. The GNA Insider sat down with Kendal to ask her a few questions:

What got you into art?

I used to doodle a lot in second grade, and that really started my interest in art.

Have you ever thought of pursuing to be an artist? If not what do you want to be?

No, I won’t be pursuing art as a career. I would like to pursue something in the medical field.

What is your favorite painting that you have done?

My favorite painting that I’ve done was a realistic painting of a fox. 

Who inspires you the most to pursue art?

Nature as a whole really inspires me to pursue art. There are so many beautiful things to observe, and transferring that to a canvas allows one to truly absorb that beauty.

Will you keep the hobby after high school?

I plan to always keep art as a hobby.

What was your first painting?

My first painting was a painting of a bear that I painted when I was small.