The history of Horror Hall

Horror Hall is a traditional haunted attraction from nearly 30 years ago, yet is still entertaining and relevant in 2018. Three men had sat on a porch on a winter’s day near an old school in the early 90’s. The very old and neglected building was owned by a local parish and was in need of significant repair. In the brightness of the sky, the Victorian building resembled something in the colonial Salem Massachusetts. The old school was used for picnics and bingo games, which was the most vigorous scene and artistic design in the old school.

One day, friends of these young gentlemen became involved with a group called, “The Valley Theater Guild.” They made costumes out of things from a garage and within a time frame the idea of building a haunted house came to mind, and it only lasted a couple years until interest was lost. Volunteers had helped and the proceeds barely covered expenses, while supplies such as costumes, props and other materials were donated. One day, several youths and friends were passing time, so they started a fire to keep them warm. All of a sudden, the horrific fire destroyed the old school. After the fire, one man suggested that he gets the keys for it and “give themselves a scare” and as such, the name Horror Hall came into place.

Despite its aging design, Horror Hall still to this day remains enjoyable and provides a scare and a horror experience that are similar indoor attractions on the East Coast. Looking beyond this season, they hope to organize teams and volunteers to look to upgrade and take over the established haunted attraction. For those “charity” groups that say they can’t put on a good show, they could go to horror hall and see a smaller group holding a perfect haunted attraction.

The GNA Insider got to sit down and with Steven Laity, who works at Horror Hall and is a junior here at GNA, He is a greeter at the end of the attraction. The most enjoyable part of working at Horror Hall is watching people scream in fear, stated Laity. Horror Hall is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October and is only fourteen dollars per person.