The Cadet experience


At YMCA Camp Kresge, from left to right, Brayden Karpinski and Alex O’Looney.

GNA CAMPUS – Camp Cadet is a program run by the Pennsylvania State Police. The program allows young men and women from the ages of 12-15 to experience the workings of a day-to-day routine in the State Police Academy. The camp runs on the first Sunday in August and the young men and women graduate on the following Friday. 

This past August, we had two cadets from GNA High School attend the camp. Freshman Brayden Karpinski and Sophomore Alex O’Looney got to experience the camp firsthand.

Brayden Karpinski, whose dad is a State Trooper, would describe his experience in the camp as “Physically demanding, fun, and a great feeling of accomplishment.” Brayden’s most memorable moment from camp was his graduation because he was able to see his family after a week. Brayden told THE GNA INSIDER “My favorite JR counselor was Collin because I can depend on him, and he would hype us up, and he was really competitive.” Brayden’s favorite State Trooper was Trooper Yuarok because he was the nicest and joked around. The activity that sparked Brayden’s interest the most was the SERT team. “I really liked the SERT team because they had the coolest presentation and we got to try on the SERT gear.” Brayden learned a lot from Camp Cadet “I learned that teamwork is important, don’t leave anyone behind, and listen to the troopers and don’t lie.” Brayden’s advice to future young men and women going through the program is “Be prepared for physical work and have a great time.”

Alex O’Looney who also went through the program would describe his experience at Camp Cadet as tough “My experience at Camp Cadet was tough but I enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to people interested.” Alex’s most memorable moment at Camp Cadet was with the Pennsylvania Game Wardens because they taught him a lot of valuable information. Alex’s favorite JR Counselor was Collin because he was dependable and funny. Alex told THE GNA INSIDER “My favorite State Trooper was Trooper Roman because he was funny.” The activity that fascinated Alex the most was the SERT team “I really liked the SERT team because I have an interest in having a career in the SERT team.” Alex learned from Camp Cadet teamwork and responsibility. Alex’s advice for people that want to go to Camp Cadet is to “Work hard and stay fit, listen to the toppers, and don’t be disrespectful.”


Camp Cadet has an application process for young men and women interested in joining. The application is free and is something many people would recommend. Here is the link to learn more information about Camp Cadet.