Spotlight – Female Athlete of the Month

Cassandra Cabonilas


What is your favorite part of playing sports at GNA?

Being able to create bonds with my teammates; they’re all my biggest motivators. They also make practicing genuinely fun.

Who has been the most influential to your success and why?

Definitely my parents. Not only were they the ones to push me to do sports, they’ve also supported and cheered me on every step of the way.

Why do you think athletics is an important part of high school?

I think creating lifelong friendships is one of the main reasons. It allows you to remain active instead of drowning in school work.

At what age did you start playing sports?

I started swimming at around four, but I didn’t start playing volleyball until I was about 12-years-old.

What sports do you play?

I swim and play volleyball.

What is your favorite sport?

While I love volleyball and know that I have much to learn in the sport, swimming is my favorite.

Do you plan on playing sports in college?

I hope to! Maybe if I manage to get a scholarship for one, but if I can’t then I’ll definitely swim to keep in shape.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully in college and possibly preparing for grad school or a job.