Advice from a college freshman: Myla Vnuk


Myla Vnuk, class of 2022, standing in front of her current university.

GNA CAMPUS — Following the graduation of the class of 2022, The GNA Insider found it vital to sit down with the former class president, Myla Vnuk, and ask for her perspective on the whole new world. After spending nearly a year at her higher education institute, it’s no surprise that Myla has come to terms with university life and her future endeavors. 

The GNA Insider was lucky enough to sit down with Myla during her busy schedule. With pleasure, she answered honestly and with great wisdom.


Myla Vnuk


What university/college did you decide on? What made you decide on that particular school?

I chose Wilkes University! I decided to go to Wilkes because they have a great education program for students wanting to become teachers and it’s also close to home, which was a big factor for me.


What is your current major at Wilkes University? What made you decide on that particular major? 

I am a  Secondary Education & Earth and Environmental Science Major. I also have a concentration in Secondary Special Education. I want to become a teacher to help future students and guide them on their paths to becoming successful people in this world.


What made you want to work in your career?

I come from a family of teachers, which pushed me toward education, especially my father. I see how they help people every day and the environments are all different. I want to help future students learn to be successful in what they love doing, no matter what it is. I want to show students they can go their own way in life and be their own person. 


What is your dream future scenario following graduation?

I would love to be working in a school and begin my career as a teacher! 


What is one piece of advice you would give to your high school, senior self?

I would tell myself to relax more and take in more moments. Go to as many school activities as possible and take in everything because you will miss all the memories from each moment. Take pictures and videos and make sure you save all the memories you can.


And finally, what is one piece of advice for any age of high schooler?

Plan ahead! If you think college is something for you, take the Dual Enrollment program into consideration. It really helped me get a head start on my general education requirements. If you plan to take a trade path, consider going to WBACTC. They have programs that can get you started in the trade you’re interested in and even set you up with a job! 


Thank you to Myla Vnuk for sitting down with The GNA Insider. Good luck to her with all of her future plans involving education!