Kooth Mental Health Initiative


Kooth Mental Health Services are coming to GNA

GNA is proud to announce the launch of Kooth youth mental health services becoming available to their students within the next 10-12 weeks. Kooth is a service that provides digital counseling, peer-supported forums for mental health resources, and crisis information. Every experience with the platform is unique to the needs of the individual, with many options for how one chooses to approach the app.

The goal of Kooth is to, in essence, maximize the availability of mental health services to students across Pennsylvania. They seek to provide early responses to mental health problems, build resilience through the implementation of self-help tools, remove barriers for hard-to-reach individuals, reduce the demand for face-to-face therapy on campus, and engage with students with a whole-school approach to improving mental health.

For the past 20 years, Kooth has relied on providing services to students under five key pillars to their success: early identification and prevention, being outcome-informed and user-led, choice, autonomy, and flexibility. The first predominant feature utilized by Kooth is proactive prevention of mental health issues, which is implemented by allowing students to break the mental health stigma and seek help on their own terms. Kooth also uses methods that are specifically designed to fit a variety of needs to fit each individual. The program allows the user to choose the desired resources they’re looking for. It’s also a very accessible program, which allows users to access Kooth anytime, anywhere.

All students are encouraged to join Kooth, with a special focus on those with emerging mental health problems. This program is designed to allow students who may hesitate to seek help, allowing them to engage with services on their own time. Overall, this service can greatly impact all students.