GNA’s take on “Merry Everything”

GNA works to bring inclusivity to the school during the holidays

An assortment of GNA’s inclusive holiday decorations!

GNA CAMPUS – Although this time of year is usually centered around the Christian holiday of Christmas, there are many more holidays that people call their own. Some families may sit around the menorah, lighting a candle for each day of Hanukkah. Others may acknowledge the fruits of their harvest during Kwanzaa. 

It is GNA’s job to make sure every student feels included and educate those who may not be familiar with the variety of holidays in December. The GNA Student Council worked throughout the months of November and December to join in and celebrate the holidays of Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, along with the usual holiday of Christmas. 

An arrangement of traditional evergreen trees can be found scattered throughout the high school along with a total of seven menorahs. Two are physical menorahs decorated with candles in accordance with each day of Hanukkah accompanied by the Star of David. The other five are cardboard versions, hung on the trophy cases in a grand hallway at the entrance of the high school. To finish off the decor, there is a “Happy Kwanzaa” sign hung in a set of windows at the far side of the school.

It is the hope of the GNA Student Council to continue to collect an assortment of decorations for the coming years in order to show GNA’s inclusivity. It is essential that schools continue to teach equality and help students become more familiar with other celebrations around the world.