Getting to know our staff: Karissa Kingsbury


Ms. Kingsbury stands beside the GNA School District sign, beaming with pride (Photo from Karissa Kingsbury).

GNA CAMPUS – As GNA heads into the 2022-2023 school year, the school has hired another new face. While Mr. Collins has taken the position of Vice Principal, Ms. Karissa Kingsbury has made her mark at the school as the latest chemistry teacher. The GNA Insider had the pleasure of connecting with Ms. Kingsbury to help GNA become a little more familiar with her. 


Karissa Kingsbury


What college did you attend? What was your major? 

I graduated from Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA. I majored in Chemistry and Education.

What was your high school experience like? How did deciding your future go?

I attended Wyoming Valley West High School and participated in musical theater, choir, and played water polo. My high school years were not my favorite. I would have preferred a smaller school, which definitely played a role in my decision to attend a smaller college. I had originally planned to pursue elementary education, but I rethought that choice in the spring of my senior year after participating in a program offered by our foreign language department where I taught French to 3rd graders once a week. I quickly realized that I would enjoy teaching older grade levels. So, I picked my favorite subject and ran with it!

How has your time been at GNA so far?

I’ve been enjoying my time here at GNA! I have a great bunch of students this year that make me laugh every day. The faculty has also given me a warm welcome. I must give a special shout-out to Mr. Collins and Mrs. Jeffries for their kindness and answers to my many questions.

Is there anything you’re excited to see happen this school year that’s a part of our traditions?

I have heard that there are so many traditions here at GNA! I’m very excited to participate in the Spirit Games this week as a tug-of-war judge and am looking forward to learning about all the traditions as the year progresses.

What is your goal as the next chemistry teacher at GNA High School? 

My goal as a chemistry teacher is to share my love of science with my students, show them that they can do hard things as chemistry can be intimidating, and have some fun along the way.

What do some of your hobbies include?

When I have free time, I like to go camping, help my husband with our hobby farm with the animals, or making maple syrup, and I am pursuing my black belt in Tang Soo Do (a form of martial arts).

What was your main reason for deciding to work in education?

I truly enjoy pushing my students to reach their potential and encouraging them to achieve more than they believed they could. While the vast majority of my students will not pursue a career in chemistry, the lessons you learn along the way when tackling something new and challenging will serve them well in whatever path they take after graduation.

Do you have any advice for your students this year?

There are several qualities that take zero talent – showing up, being prepared, and having a good attitude. Choosing to do those things on a daily basis will always make you successful.


Thank you to Ms. Kingsbury for working with The GNA Insider to learn more about her. Good luck with this school year and all of the ones to come!