The importance of course selection

GNA CAMPUS – In high school, it is imperative to be prepared when deciding on future classes. Although it can be overwhelming, GNA has created a Program of Studies to help students and parents with these big decisions. It is available on the GNA website by going to the High School category, Students, and then the 2022-2023 Program of Studies, or you can click on the link at the bottom of the article. 

According to a February 7 article published by The GNA Insider, The Program of Studies fulfills a vast number of tasks, including differentiating between honors, non-honors, and AP courses, along with presenting the grading scale and the amount of weight that honors and AP courses hold. It also defines the parameters for the honor roll by listing the required grades that are needed to be included in the honors with distinction, high honors, and honors categories. 

Additionally, the Program of Studies states which students are eligible for dual enrollment and vocational schooling, both of which endow students with the opportunity to further their education at esteemed institutions apart from GNA. 

Perhaps most importantly, the Program of Studies provides a detailed description of all of the English, math, science, history, language, career credit, and elective courses that students may sign up for. Since all of these subjects have a variety of classes that go along with each one, the Program of Studies contains information regarding grade level, prerequisite courses, and the necessary final averages that one must have in order to sign up for the classes. 

According to the Greater Nanticoke Area High School principal, Ms. Amy Scibek, “The course selection is a critical step in our efforts to develop college, career, and workforce-ready students and promote the success of our graduates. It initiates the plan for students to achieve their future goals.” 

Due to the extensive guidance available, the Program of Studies will undoubtedly supply students and parents with any and all information regarding course selection and future studies. 

A student or parent can access the Program of Studies by clicking on the link by clicking here