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GNA CAMPUS — As a student in high school, learning the importance of leadership and civic responsibilities is crucial. One of the most prominent programs is in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s own backyard: Junior Leadership Northeast. JLN is a specific branch of Leadership Northeast that targets juniors in high school. 

According to Junior Leadership Northeast’s website, Junior Leadership Northeast is a transformative personal and professional development program for high school juniors that provides training techniques to advance leadership skills while increasing community awareness and civic responsibility to affect positive change. 

Some of the program’s objectives include developing leadership skills and encouraging students to interact with community leaders, decision-makers, and peers from the seventeen schools participating. As a member, the program will challenge emerging leaders to apply their new knowledge and skills to community impact projects JLN works to encourage accountability and empower students to affect positive change in their own lives, as well as the community at large. This is just to name a few.

Junior Leadership Northeast class of 2022 during their orientation at Kirby Park (Leadership Northeast)

The structure of the program is very easy to follow. Junior Leadership Northeast programs take place throughout the months of September all the way through April and ends with the class graduation in May. If a student is one to worry about attendance, don’t be alarmed! School attendance credit will be granted for each program session. These programs are held at various locations throughout Luzerne County, with breakfast and lunch provided at each one. While experiencing these programs as a whole class is imperative, it is also important that each individual group schedules and participates in their own meetings. 

As for the JLN program eligibility, a student must apply in their sophomore year of high school since the actual program takes place during a student’s junior year. Any sophomore in good academic standing from public, parochial, charter, and/or private schools in Northeastern Pennsylvania may apply. Permission from your school Guidance Office and Administration is required.

If a student is interested in becoming a member of the Junior Leadership Northeast class, they may contact Jessica Cronauer at (570) 270-5323 or inquire in your school’s guidance office. This year’s application deadline is Friday, March 11th, 2022. 


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