Historical display case – December 2021

Alycia Knorr, Student Writer


Nanticoke Trolley begins their outward trip while Honey Pot bus loads passengers. Today you would be standing at Main and Market Street looking towards Lower Broadway. You are looking down towards the Cocoa Hut.











Busy wintertime intersection of Main and Market Street. The photo was taken on 12/22/48. The photo was taken further up on Market Street standing between Burger King and Rite Aid. The trolley is turning out of Main Street.


Buses await passengers on Broad Street in front of Diamond’s Candy Shop. You can see FNCB Bank on the corner. Nanticoke Town Square is behind the person taking the photo.


Trolley on Main Street circa. 1940. You are looking down Main Street towards the new Geisinger building. LCCC Culinary school is behind you.
Railroad crossing on Lower Broadway in 1966. You are looking at what used to be a train yard. The train is coming from Honey Pot tracks. One set of the tracks is still down on Lower Broadway by Weis.







































The intersection of Prospect and Main Street circa. 1950. First National Bank is to your left, the Cocoa Hut is to your left, and straight in front of you is the LCCC health science building.
Trolley on snow-covered Main Street in January 1941. You are looking down Main Street towards the Geisinger building. The culinary school is behind you.
The trolley service is on Broad and Main Street. PNCB bank is behind the trolley.
This is a panoramic photograph of the Nanticoke Passenger Train Station where families are awaiting the arrival of soldiers from World War I. The train station is down by the old beer distributor behind Weis.
Trolley in front of Nanticoke National Guard Armory. The armory is still there today on Main Street. The person who took the photo is standing between the armory and the Mill Memorial Library.
Trolley on snow-covered Main Street in front of Mill Library property. You are in the same position as the photo. Just at a different angle. You are still between the armory and the library.