Top 10 Christmas gifts for her

Emily Cullen, Student Writer

Top 10 gifts to get your girlfriend for Christmas

Don’t know what to get your girlfriend for Christmas? Don’t worry, we have our top ten gift ideas that we are sure your girlfriend will love.

  1. Lululala Engraved Bar Necklace – A custom piece of jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This bar necklace can be engraved with a special date or message, and it’s also available in silver or rose gold. 
  2. ModernMapArt Personalized Framed Poster – Monumentalize one of your greatest relationship milestones, like the day you met, your first kiss, or your anniversary, with a personalized poster that’ll display the exact time and place of your memorable moment. It’s a great way for you and your girlfriend to look back on where your journey began.
  3. Personalized Initial Necklace – This simple but elegant necklace is one she’ll want to wear every single day. Customize it with both of your initials or spell out a meaningful message.
  4. Our Moments Couples: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters – Whether you just started dating or have been going out for some time, there’s always more to learn about each other. This set of 100 conversation-starting question cards will give you plenty to talk about, from how many kids you want to have to future goals and dreams.
  5. You’re My Favorite Person in the World Wood Card – A spectacular supplement to any gift, this laser-cut wooden card is a sweet way to spoil her. Request any custom message to be engraved on the back or use a Sharpie to write your own.
  6. Personalized Handwriting Bracelet – Not only can you personalize this bracelet with whatever you want it to say, but you can also have it written in your own handwriting for a sweet custom touch. Simply write out the message and send it to the seller after purchasing. 
  7. Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera – The Instax Square SQ1 is the perfect mix of new and old, and if she’s ready to break up with her not-so-great Polaroid (that’s cute in theory but doesn’t deliver), the Instax Square SQ1 just might be calling her name. The selfie mirror on this Instax camera is a godsend, allowing her to see what she looks like before she decides to print.
  8. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger – For the one who makes your heart spin, this sweet wooden messenger box is a cute and easy way to keep in touch when you’re apart. Send your girlfriend a message using the connected app, and the heart on the outside will start to spin. She can view it by lifting the lid to peek at the mirrored screen inside.
  9. Filimin Long-Distance Touch Lamps – If you lovebirds are dating long distance these thoughtful touch lamps will help her feel like you’re always by her side. This set of two is connected through Wi-Fi to illuminate when the other is touched, and they work no matter the distance, so you can be far apart and still feel close.
  10. Mantra Bangle -This bracelet’s engraving, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think,” serves as a constant reminder of just how incredible she is. Pick from rose gold, gold, or silver to match her watch or other most-worn accessories.

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