The front window of your ship.
The front window of your ship.
Kayden Kratz

Helldivers 2 overall since launch

Helldivers 2 is a brand-new game that launched on February 8th of 2024, so far It’s considered a massive success. The game has many feats as well according to the players. It has brought communities together from all games on something extremely hard to have toxicity. It has created a very fun platform. 

It is an interactive game when it comes to the lore/story of the game. For example, there are currently 2 factions you fight against as a helldiver. The Automatons and the Terminds. The Terminds are an infestation of bugs similar to an old movie called Space Troopers. They were even confirmed to be based on them. Terminds/bugs control a large number of planets and sectors compared to the automatons/bots. It is not as much compared to the helldivers. The helldivers’ goal is to capture, push back, or defend from their attacks/invasions. So far since the launch of the game the helldivers have faced no large issues with the bugs. They have been plowing through the defenses. 

To liberate a planet, Helldivers must complete operations. The higher the difficulty the more you liberate. Once a planet is liberated it will be grayed out and become an outlet for supplies to the front and be a step towards getting the sector secure. While doing operations you can do side objectives for more XP and credits to get more stratagems, such as fabricators and nests. You have to blow them up and stop the spread of bots or bugs making liberation and your mission easier. You will also encounter encampments of mortars and anti-air. Both fronts have illegal broadcasts to destroy so the ears of Freedom aren’t ruined. 

First, you have to talk about why helldivers are fighting. They are all very Patriotic for Super Earth, their home. It’s Earth but all nations combined. A lot of expeditions they do to their far-out planets are for defense after the war began or for element 710 or Oil but that is treasonous speak. They love freedom and liberation. They use stratagems to help spread it such as cluster bombs, carpet bombs, nukes/ICBMs, mechs, and large futuristic weapons they call in using stratagems. The stratagems shoot a signal saying what they want and where they will send the bomb vehicle or hell-pod containing various tools. I would say they are expendable but that is also treason on super earth. Don’t look into the illegal broadcasts either, it’s risky. 

The helldivers also receive global and personal orders to get more Warbonds. The Warbonds are used to buy more gear and cosmetics for your Helldiver. All of March (2024), we have received orders to Liberate bug planets. Some are even behind the front lines with no way of reaching them due to supply lines. Even though the challenges and difficulties. Some of these were larger enemies like Bile spitters, Nurse spewers, Chargers, and even Bile titans. So far that wasn’t enough to stop the Freedom spreaders and patriot Helldivers fighting for Super Earth.

The automaton front is and was a different story. They don’t just conquer planets like the mindless bugs. They have a strategy for taking their planets. They attempted to take out factories making mechs but that was put to rest making the helldiver even stronger with higher mech output. The bots have tried many invasions over and over. It was a back-and-forth battle that felt like it would never end. It even helped the bugs attack with the distraction of global orders to fend off the Bots. This even created an iconic planet, Malevelon Creek. A planet close to the edge of the Helldiver territory. It is one of the most reinforced planets with what feels like triple the enemies for any difficulty, level 5 will feel like level 8-9. It is a battle that may not be worth fighting. The bots never seem to lose ground there yet we lose helldivers there every day. 

After we push them out of our galaxies, Helldivers 2 may be introducing home worlds, unlike the first game. We will be introduced to a whole new type of enemy we aren’t ready for. Hopefully, we adapt. There also might be a faction from the first game soon coming to attack but that’s all classified so we won’t know and if they do come back they might have advanced from the last war 100 years ago. 

Hopefully, this was enough to get new recruits for the helldivers. We will win this war eventually. If you do join, remember to watch global orders and help out. Every dead bug is a good bug. Unless you prefer to spill oil, that’s okay too. As long as you are on our side that’s what counts. Lastly, stay away from acts of treason. We do not forgive traitors. 

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