GNA junior Derek Cease to play for Penn State




GNA CAMPUS- Derek Cease is a junior at GNA, and his college future was decided when he was asked to play baseball for Penn State. With his future secured, Derek agreed to an interview with The GNA Insider about his commitment to play for the Nittnay Lions:

How long have you been playing baseball? What makes you enjoy playing it?

I have played baseball for thirteen years. I was filled with a passion for the game from the moment I started.

When did Penn State reach out and ask you to play for them? What about you do they like?

Penn State reached out to me about two months ago and asked me to play for them. They like that I am a two-way player, meaning I pitch and play the field.

Do you play baseball for any travel teams, or do you only play for the high school?

I also play for a travel team called the MVP Blue Jackets.

Is it your overall goal to become a professional baseball player? If not, what would you like to be?

I would like to go as far as I can in baseball, but if it doesn’t work out, I would like to go into business.

What baseball players do you find inspirational and why?

I find Derek Jeter inspirational because I am named after him.

What do you plan on studying at Penn State?

I plan on studying business management.

Is Penn State your dream school? Why or why not?

Penn State has been my dream school since I was little. I like Penn State because it allows me to remain in my home state.

Who are some people in your life that have encouraged you to obtain this achievement?

My parents have been my largest supporters, but my coaches and friends have also helped me through the process.

How hard did you have to work to become as good as you are at baseball? How much time did you have to put into training?

I’ve worked out for baseball and have been serious about it for ten years. I have put a lot of hours into baseball by practicing for two hours five times a week for nine months.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to earn a spot on the Penn State baseball team?

I would definitely say never stop working! I was late in the recruiting process, but I never gave up and was asked to play for Penn State in November.