Spring into action

Kaleigh Hamm, Student Writer



As April slowly makes its approach, warmer weather serves as a relief for all who are sick of this long, drawn-out winter. Spring is here; there is no better time to get outdoors and moving than right now! The GNA Insider will take you through four reasons to revamp your workout regime and get moving outside this month:

  • Improvement of mood: After being cooped up all winter, basking in the fresh air will make you feel happier and more motivated in your workout. Doing physical activity outside will boost your endorphins, as well as lower tension and depression.
  • Low cost: No need to worry about any gym memberships or fancy equipment when your exercises take place outdoors! Activities such as jogging or walking cost nothing (besides the bottle of water you might opt to bring along). You can easily take advantage of a nearby park or playground equipment and integrate them into your routine—for no cost!
  • Natural challenges: Rather than running on a treadmill or lifting weights, changing your scenery could allow for more challenges in your exercise plan. Jogging over uneven terrain allows your leg muscles to adapt and stretch to meet your body’s needs, creating a more vigorous workout than if you were indoors on a flat surface.
  • Adjustment to the change of seasons: With winter gradually coming to an end, exercising outside will allow for your body to adjust to the temperatures and weather patterns different from those which you have been used to for the last six months. As a benefit of working out in nature, your body won’t be so shell-shocked when temperatures shift from 30° to 70°.