County band



Music is in season, and regional musicians are practicing for the 2019 Luzerne County Band. This event will be held at Dallas High School on March 26—with a potential snow date of March 28—at 7:00 pm.

Nanticoke’s band instructor, Dr. Bunnell, will submit the names of who he thinks will be worthy members of the event and wish to participate. He will also provide the event’s organizers with music, of which certain pieces will be selected for the final performance. Once participants are chosen, Dr. Bunnell will order the required music and supply the players with it. Those who will partake in the event will then practice at their own discretion in the time leading up to the event, on the day of which countless hours will be dedicated to last-minute review and perfection of the music at hand.

The GNA Insider wishes luck to all participants of the Luzerne County Marching Band!