Senator Elizabeth Warren announces presidential campaign

The Massachusetts senator has publicly created her exploratory committee for the 2020 election

In 2016, nearly three years ago, a phenomenal political and social event spurred the nation and our region into a polarized swing of passionate debate and discovery. The 2016 presidential election might, at first glance, have seemed to be like any other: two candidates from two major political parties vying for votes; however, in light of several political scandals regarding both of the presidential nominees, the election proved to be more divisive than ever. Our area, Northeastern Pennsylvania, had a surprisingly impassioned and diverse reaction to the candidates and their political platforms. This carried over into our communities and schools to make the local focus on politics more prevalent than ever before.

Now, in 2019, the first candidate for the office of President of the United States has announced her running procedures—none other than quite possibly the most outspoken Democratic member of Congress, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her exciting announcement has been supported by other candidates of the Democratic Party also promoting and creating their own campaigns and running plans.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) announced her campaign in mid-January, with former Department of Housing and Development head under Barack Obama, Julian Castro, also bringing his exploratory committee to the table. This “clutter” of candidates may be overwhelming at first, but one can rest assured that the campaign list will become slimmer (and more competitive) as the election draws near.

Nine individual Democrats have created their campaigns, but only one will win the primary election to be nominated for President of the United States and once again begin a cycle of passion, protest, demonstration and debate in our area.