Are the Trojanettes headed for a 3-peat?

Haileigh Hendricks and Gabe Jenceleski

For the past two years, Deb (Coach K) and Jim Gavin have had the right to say that Nanticoke has been one of the best teams—and rightfully so. Over the past two years their team has a total of 34 wins, 9 losses and 2 District Titles.

After a fantastic 2016-2017 season, the team lost many key seniors, including their setter Jenna Lipowski. They didn’t know how they would recover from losing one of the most important players on their team, but they did it and they did it well. Coach K started training Rielly Miller, who was a freshman during the 2016-2017 season, for the following year. Also on the team was then-sophomore Carly Reakes performing the same training.  Their record that year was 17-5.

The following 2017-2018 season, Rielly and Carly both stepped up to the plate and showed Coach K that they wanted to win again this season; and win they did. Rielly Miller, now a sophomore, truly proved that she wanted another title. However, she could not have done this without cooperating with some of the best hitters in the league: Kasey Radginski, Alyssa Lewis, and Jillann Baron.  Their record was 17-4.

Now, as the 2018-2019 season rolls around, the Trojanettes are just as prepared as they were in years before, notwithstanding the number of losses of key players from the last season. Outside hitter Kasey Radginski and libero Megan Murphy were both incredibly important in the previous year. In order to compensate for these losses, the Trojanettes are much more determined and competing at a higher level than in years prior.

Coach K believes that if the students “want [to win a 3-peat], they have to work really hard for it.” She and Mr. Gavin have had a good 2-year run; the question now stands of whether or not they can have another. With the fervor of the players, however, one can most certainly have faith in the group.