Trojanettes name new field hockey coach

Emily Conrad, Student Writer

Former college coach, Marnie Kusakavitch, was named head coach of the Trojanettes field hockey team.

The GNA Insider sat down with the newly named head coach of the Trojanettes to ask her a few questions. 

How long have you been coaching? Have you coached anywhere before?

I’ve been coaching for about two years for Downingtown East high school field hockey, Pittston area Jr high track & field, and various field hockey events and leagues (USA futures, West Chester University camps).


What made you apply for the head coaching position?

I’m interested in field hockey, previous experience/played in collage. I’ve wanted to work in the school system as a teacher one day, and I’ve always loved the sport.


How did it feel to be named the head coach of the Trojanettes?

At first I was nervous and a little overwhelmed because it was my first time being head coach, but now I am excited.


How is the season progressing so far?

Starting off was new for everyone, but it’s fun. The girls have a better understanding of field hockey.


Who are the leaders of this year’s team?

The freshmen. They’re energetic, want to learn, excited, fun, and hardworking. It’s hard starting with a new team, especially when the older players are used to a certain “culture.”


What do you enjoy most about coaching our girls?

There is such young, new talent. They make a lot of improvements, and they are eager to learn -get to practice- and listen. I enjoy being able to bring my knowledge and experience of field hockey to the team.