Boys win 1st track & field meet (84-65)

On Tuesday, April 10, the Trojan track & field team beat the Royals of Holy Redeemer 84-65.



Joseph Ammons placed 1st in the 100 (Adam Eckhart, 2nd) and 200.

Adam Eckhart, Keanu Ammons, Matt Wrubel, Joseph Ammons placed 1st in the 4×1 relay.

Jonathan Krzywicki placed 1st in 110 meter hurdles (Brian Romero, 2nd | Michael Marcella, 3rd) and 3rd in 300 meter hurdles.

Sincere Shiloh placed 1st in triple jump (Nathaniel Penko, 3rd).

Adam Eckhart placed 1st in long jump (Sincere Shiloh, 3rd) and 1st in high jump (Keanu Ammons, 2nd | Brandon Steirer, 3rd)

Shane Repasky placed 1st in shot put (Ammyn Gregory, 2nd | Kyle Bobeck, 3rd) and discus (Kristofer Seiwell, 2nd | Ammyn Gregory, 3rd).

Ammyn Gregory placed 1st in javelin (Shane Repasky, 2nd | Michael Marcella, 3rd)

Trevor Grohowski placed 1st in pole vault (Matt Engle, 2nd).



Amiah Lukowski placed 1st in the 100, 200, long jump (Veronica Penko, 3rd), and triple jump.

Mandy Biehl, Rielly Miller, Emily Hauer, and Asa Ammons placed 1st in the 4×1 relay.

Veronica Penko placed 2nd in the 100 meter hurdles and 2nd in 300 meter hurdles (Mackenzie Casey, 3rd).

Emily Scott placed 3rd in the 800.

Rebecca Ottensman placed 3rd in the 2 mile.

Sy’raia Maney placed 3rd in high jump.

Taylor Zabrenski placed 1st in javelin (Lily Kratz, 3rd)


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