2018 UNICO selection

Football season is long gone. The stadium lights that burned so bright on fall Friday nights are out cold. The bleachers once alive with the cheers of fans and school pride have been empty for months. The field of green grass contrasted by sharp white lines are now a muddy mess due to the melted snow of the winter season. The long concession stand line once bursting with happy youthful voices surrounded by the warm aroma of fresh churros is nonexistent. None of this is surprising at all. It’s April, six months away from the end of the season. Most fans have simply forgotten about the sport for the time being until next fall.

High school football came out of dark, flashing across the headlines of the local newspaper two weeks ago on March 28th when the 2017-2018 UNICO game rosters were released. Since 2003, UNICO was played in the late fall. Players and fans would brave the frigid November temperatures. This year, however, the game was moved to June 1st, so it will now be a summer affair, like it for years prior to 2003.

From Nanticoke, John Guszak, Kris Siewell, Dawson hughes, Allen Fowler, and Eric Jeffries were selected by the coaches of the Wyoming Valley Conference to represent their team in the senior all star game. Accompanying them on the Miners, under Meyers head coach Jeff Labatch, will be players from GAR, Hanover Area, Lake-Lehman, Northwest, Berwick, and Coughlin. Their opponents, the Pioneers, will be lead by Holy Redeemer head coach Dwayne Downing and will have a roster consisting of players from Hazleton Area, Holy Redeemer, Dallas, Pittston Area, Wyoming Area, Crestwood, Valley West, and Tunkhannock.

Being selected for the UNICO game is no small accomplishment. These five athletes showed what they were capable of by playing at a level higher than that of their opponents all season long. They proved that they really were top of the conference talent and by being selected to this senior all-star game will be recognized for their outstanding performance during their last season of high school football.


Listed below are highlight tapes from each player’s their senior year.


Kris Seiwell



Eric Jeffries



Dawson Hughes



Allen Fowler



John Guszak