Trojans put up a forceful battle against No. 7 in state Hazleton

Aaron Miller, Editor & Writer

Wednesday night was certainly a night to remember. It was full of excitement and high hopes looking into the future season. The varsity basketball team knew they were coming into a tough match up, but that was not going to allow them to put their heads down to start the game.

The first half of the game was the exact opposite of what most of the crowd pictured would happen. This isn’t saying that Trojan fans had a lack of faith, they all just knew the raw strength of Hazleton’s team.

Hazleton recently came off of a tough loss against Reading, and needed the win against the Trojans to get their feet back on a ground, and even though they achieved that goal, we pushed them out of their comfort zone for the entirety of the game.

With 2 seconds left in the second half, the score was 39-36 with Hazleton winning. Colby Butczynski threw a holy grail shot towards the rim of the Trojan’s basket from half court, and miraculously the ball sank into the net to tie the game. This shot stunned the players of Hazleton and left them shell-shocked for the beginning of the second half.

Eventually, the Trojans slowly saw the game being pulled from below their feet, but this game acted as a learning experience to prove that we would be a formidableĀ force going into future games.Photos from Tony Krupinski