Collin Brown, Guest Writer

The Philadelphia Eagles were dominating the NFL regular season up until week fourteen of the season’s schedule. Their quarterback, Carson Wentz, was on route to be the probable league MVP throughout the beginning and middle of the season. The Eagles took their 10-2 record into Los Angeles to take on the LA Rams. Everything about the Eagles season was going almost perfectly, the team was atop the NFC and hadn’t suffered many significant injuries. Then, all of a sudden, the season felt like it went all down hill.

The Eagles and Rams were playing a hard fought game that could’ve been won by either team. During a drive at the end of the third quarter, Carson Wentz dove into the endzone and appeared to score a touchdown for the Eagles to take the lead; however, Wentz came up from his dive awkwardly limping. Unfortunately, Wentz tore his ACL during the play, and needed to be carted off the field. The Eagles ended up winning the game, but that was overshadowed by the loss of potential-MVP Carson Wentz.

Nick Foles was next up at the QB position for Philadelphia. He led the Eagles to a 2-1 record over the last three games of the season, and the Eagles took the number one seed in the NFC playoffs. The Eagles got a first-round bye and their first matchup in the playoffs was the Atlanta Falcons. Even while having a huge home field advantage, the Falcons were picked by everyone to defeat the Eagles mostly based on the struggles at QB by backup Foles. Despite not having Wentz, the Eagles used great defense and their home field advantage to defeat Atlanta 15-10. Philadelphia advanced to play the Minnesota Vikings in the next week for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.