Aiden Scarpa – BMX rider





GNA CAMPUS- For five years now, Aiden Scarpa has been a BMX rider. He has traveled to many different states to compete. From Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and beyond, Aiden has worked his way to the top of the BMX world – and has the awards to show it.

Aiden Scarpa, a sophomore at GNA, thoroughly enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes with being a BMX rider. Aiden has gained a multitude of experience and has collected many memories since he chose to embark on the journey that BMX riding is.

BMX, or bicycle motocross, is a very popular extreme sport that has increased in popularity over the years. BMX racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing that calls for participants to complete a single lap around a dirt track that tests riders by making them endure a series of jumps and rollers as they battle to reach the finish line. There is also BMX freestyle, and this is considered to be the more popular form of BMX, where riders at skate parks attempt to perform many dangerous tricks and routines including the bar turn, tabletop, and 360. Though the age range is wide for BMX riders who participate just for fun (ages range from 2 to 70), the professional league narrows it down to men and women ages 18 to 40. Though Aiden does not wish to enter the professional league of BMX, he hopes to maintain his hobby of riding by competing every once and a while.

Aiden enjoys fishing and welding along with BMX. For Aiden, fishing is a very relaxing and soothing activity (a break from the physically demanding BMX courses) while welding helps him to focus and encourages him to better his work. Aiden was first introduced to the world of BMX when a friend approached him and told him all about the sport, thus enthralling him. He then went on to buy a BMX bike and learn the sport which he found to be slightly difficult. Though he didn’t find it extremely complex, it was the challenge of mastering all of the meticulous skills that he found to be the most complicated aspect of BMX riding. Nevertheless, Aiden triumphed and went on to become a very skilled and victorious BMX rider.

Aiden credits his family and friends for supporting him throughout his endeavors and always encouraging him to do his best. He appreciates them always being there for him and taking the time to travel the country for competitions. As for anyone who is aspiring to learn BMX, Aiden advises, “Just go out there and have fun,” for he knows that BMX isn’t solely about all of the glamour and awards; rather, it is about enjoying the sport and making memories.