Dedication to the job

Harley LaRue, Student Writer

Crossing guards are a necessity at every school district in order to keep students, citizens, and staff safe while crossing the street. They work in rain, snow, ice, and heat in order to make sure students make it home safely. Not many can fill the shoes required to become a crossing guard as the determination required is astounding.

From Summit Daily

Greater Nanticoke Area is a school district that prides itself on its devoted and determined staff. Even when the age of retirement strikes, GNA staff find themselves wanting to stay for “just a few more years” every time. Mrs. Mary Mullery has worked as a crossing guard for the district for 43 years! Her commitment and devotion to her job have shocked many.

Mullery was born in Kingston, PA at the Nesbitt Memorial Hospital. She attended St. Vincent’s School in Plymouth until she graduated in 1960. Throughout high school, she was a part of the cheerleading team while outside of high school, she actively danced and played softball. Years after graduating, she soon became a crossing guard here at GNA.  Since that time, she had dedicated 43 years to her work, and unlike many others, she loves her job. Her dedication and determination has inspired students and staff to work harder toward their dreams.

The GNA Insider had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Mullery.

What are some memorable moments you have had while working for the district?

Some memorable moments while working for the district include: establishing a working relationship with transportation staff, and having job security year after year. 

What are some things that you love about your job?

– The daily interaction with the children.

– Having the opportunity to watch them grow.

– The convenience of being so close to the bus stop. 

– Routine exercise. 

Are there any things you dislike?

– Inclement weather!

– When motorists don’t abide by traffic guidelines.

How have you been able to be so dedicated to one job for so long?

The smiles and laughter of the children keep me motivated to return year after year. The convenience of proximity to the bus stop helps as well. 

What advice do you have for students concerning hard work and dedication?

Hard work definitely pays off as I’ve had the honor and privilege of seeing children grow and chase after their dreams. Commitment and dedication are key components to the success of all future endeavors.