2017-2018 Trojan basketball preview

EJ Gill

Last winter, the Nanticoke boys basketball team shocked the Wyoming Valley Conference. After a devastating overtime loss to Scranton Prep in the district semifinals, the Trojans barely squeaked their way into the state playoffs.

Our boys then went on to make a run for the championship, fighting their way all the way into the final four, where they were the last public school standing in the tournament.

Last year’s team graduated multiple key players including Luke Butczynski, Cody Piestrak, and Justin Casey. To fill the void on the court left by these former Nanticoke basketball superstars, this year’s squad will need to rely heavily on young players.

Normally, a young team spells trouble for the upcoming season, but normal teams don’t have talented players like point guard Nate Kreitzer and center Trah Krupinski ready to take the reigns. This dynamic duo led their team to a 3-0 start and crushed every team they faced during that stretch by no less than twenty points.

Through these first three games, Kreitzer, who is the only returning starter from the previous season, averaged 23 points per game while Krupinski averaged 21.

If their trending dominance continues throughout the season, Nate and Trah have a good chance at leading the Trojans into a recreation of the previous season’s success.

The GNA Insider asked three key players a few questions about the upcoming season.

What are you looking forward to this season the most and why?

Nate Kreitzer: I am looking forward to running out in front of the Jungle for big games. They give me so much confidence while I’m playing.

Trah Krupinski: I’m ready to play in big games in front of the student section this year.

Jake Krupinski: I’ve been looking forward to us growing as a team and improving every day.

 How is the conference looking this season and what are your expectations for the team?

Nate: The conference is wide open this year, and we are looking to be a top team.

Trah: I feel like we could be a top team this year. The conference is up for grabs.

Jake: The conference is looking pretty tough this year, but I still expect us to win games. I want to see how far we will go.

Who is going to step up this season to replace the key players who graduated last year?

Nate: Luke Myers, J.J. Bielecki, and Jake Krupinski will step up this year.

Trah: My brother Jake, J.J. Bielecki, and Luke Myers will all play a big role in the upcoming season.

Jake: Everyone needs to step up this year. Along with key players leaving, we are short on numbers this year so everyone needs to be ready to play. 

How would you describe this year’s team? 

Nate: This year’s team is very young and energetic.

Trah: We are young and developing.

Jake: I would describe us as young, growing, and talented.



What is your favorite part of playing basketball for the Nanticoke Trojans?

Nate: My favorite part of playing for the Trojans is playing in front of the Jungle and the home crowd.

Trah: My favorite part of playing is the fans and our Jungle.

Jake: My favorite part is being on the court with the kids I love to play with. We’re a family.


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