Getting to know the Mayor of Nanticoke


The GNA Insider got a chance to interview Mayor Coughlin.

Annastasia O'Looney, Student writer

Elected in 2020, Mayor Coughlin and his office have done so much for our city of Nanticoke. Whether that be The Big Bang or planning the Nanticoke revitalization project, the Mayor and his office want to see Nanticoke thrive.

The GNA Insider got a chance to interview Mayor Coughlin:

-Why did you decide to have a career in politics?

To help people. I worked at the courthouse and helped people every day. I just wanted to get involved and see what I can do to help the people of the city of Nanticoke. 

-Where do you see Nanticoke in 10 years’ time?

 Hopefully progressing a lot further. There have been a lot of construction projects around Nanticoke. The old nursing home near Main Street was taken down, and in its place, we got a brand new building housing a new pharmacy, a rehab facility, and a state representative’s office. Our new big project is with the old L.S building. We would like to see the land developed. 

-What internships do you offer for students?

Right now we really don’t have any intern programs because we are a smaller city. We used to hire summer help, but the budget doesn’t allow for it anymore. 

-How is the Nanticoke revitalization project progressing?

It’s supposed to start in the spring, and the city is moving forward with the project.