Serving their country: Ayden Kolet


Ayden Kolet

GNA CAMPUS – Many seniors are making their final decision on what they want to do after high school in June. Many students will be going to college in the fall and some will be going into the workforce.

Here at GNA, we have a handful of students going into the military. The GNA Insider got a chance to sit down with Ayden Kolet and interview him about his courageous decision to join the Marine Corps.

Ayden was never joining for the perks or benefits or even the money. Ayden joined to hopefully discover his real self and to find his life purpose. He isn’t scared to push himself to the limits he isn’t scared to sacrifice, and he isn’t scared to die. That’s the reason why Ayden chose the Marines.

Ayden’s family and friends supported him through everything and helped him make his decision. Ayden told The GNA Insider “It feels good to know that no matter what I do or where I go, people will always support me.”

Ayden will be heading off to basic training in Parris Island in South Carolina. He has been preparing himself for basic training by living every day like it’s his last and is just trying to enjoy his time now and will focus on training later on.

Ayden is most excited about meeting new people, making memories, and learning new things. What Ayden is most nervous about is leaving his family and friends behind. Ayden told The GNA Insider some of the benefits of joining the military, “You get some benefits like college and money but you get to do some cool things in there like making things go boom and shooting guns.”

In five years, Ayden can see himself as a Veteran. He will be the first in his family who has served in the military. Ayden’s advice for someone who is interested in serving in the military is “Don’t overthink about it. If it’s what you want then do it.”

Congratulations Ayden for enlisting in the military and good luck at basic training this summer!